Frequently Asked Questions

How may we be of help?

  • What kind of information can I find on Tarama?

    Tarama provides comprehensive and up-to-date information about Rwanda, including tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants, and insider tips to help you plan your trip.

  • Is Tarama free to use?

    Yes, Tarama is completely free to use. You can access all the information on our platform without any cost.

  • How accurate is the information on Tarama?

    We take pride in providing accurate and reliable information to our users. Our team of experts is always on the lookout for new and updated information to ensure that our platform is current and reliable.

  • Can I book hotels and tours through Tarama?

    ou are correct, users can book hotels through Tarama. We have partnered with several reputable booking sites to provide users with a seamless booking experience. Simply click on the "Book Now" button on the hotel's page and you will be directed to the booking site to complete your reservation. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

  • Can I contribute to Tarama?

    Yes, we welcome contributions from our users. If you have any information or insider tips that you would like to share, you can contact us through our website or social media channels.